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Our family farm is located in Thornbury, Ontario where our cattle and pigs graze through lush pastures. These happy animals are free to roam through the annual crops of green corn shoots, peas, and green oats and are raised eating the local apples. All our animals are antibiotic and hormone free. We give only the best for our animals so we can give the best to you. The result of this is not only meat that is delicious, but healthy as well. Tested by U of T nutritionists, Grandview Farms beef is shown to be 300% healthier then commodity beef with an Omega 6 to 3 of 4.9:1. We are excited for you to try our meat because we know that you will love it.




10 lb Assorted Beef Box $120
10 lb Assorted Pork Box $90
5 lb Tenderloin Box $140
5 lb Striploin Box $130
5 lb Ribeye Box $130
10 lb Ground Beef Box $85
10 lb Ground Pork Box $65
10 lb Breakfast Box $85
10 lb Assorted Sausage Box $75
Side of Beef $7/lb
Side of Pork $5.50/lb
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Delivery Dates:

GTA - May 18, 2017

KW/Cambridge -   T.B.A , 2017